Get your Pontoon to turn on a dime! Third-Tubes dramatically increase your boats turning capability, and eliminates cavitation in rough water or hard turns. 




Our No.1 Goal

   At Pontoon Wholesalers we want to create the next generation of boats on a budget. We have found it is so much cheaper to refurbish your used boat, then to buy a new one! With the rapid decline in new boat sales the used boat industry is booming, and we want a cut of the deal. Our Third-Tube Conversion Kit's take only 4 hours to install. You need to be spending more time on the water relaxing, not dealing with the stress of purchasing a new Pontoon Boat! 

Get your Entry-Level Pontoon to perform for less! 

 Buying a new Tri-Toon can be expensive, but we don’t think you should have to sacrifice performance for price! If you just recently purchased an entry-level pontoon boat, and think it need's a little bit more bang for your buck. Then a Third-Tube Conversion Kit is the perfect choice! Get the Performance you expect from a High-End Boat, in an Entry-Level package.

  Improve the way your boat feels, Third-Tubes improve stability,flotation and make for a smooth ride even in extreme conditions, with reduced side-spray! 

A New Generation of Boating

    Increase the performance of your Pontoon Boat with a Third-Tube Conversion! Our Conversion Kit's lift your boat higher out of the water, reducing drag,improving hole-shot,and increasing fuel economy.