Quality Pontoon Trailers Since 1957 SPREUER & SON, INC. manufactures a full line of quality HOOSIER Pontoon Trailers from small to large, including the Mini-Toon Float-On & Full Size Float-On Pontoon Trailers, the BX Box Tube Frame & BX Tritoon trailers and the Classic Tubular Design trailers. Pontoon Wholesalers is a proud Distributor of Hoosier Pontoon Trailers, Contact us today to order your new trailer.  

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We designed our tubes to be easy to ship anywere. One of the biggest problems with traditional pontoon tubes is there sheer size. Great for boats, not so great to ship. Our kits can be placed on palletes for LTL Freight Truck shipment to a BUSINESS, or in indiviudual box's for UPS small truck shipment right to a RESIDENTIAL RESIDENCE. ANYWERE.  We also offer international container shipping.  We can arrange delivery for expedited service.  

Rear Module

Dimension 4'x 25"

    Rear Modules are made of High-Density Polyethylene. The Rear Module sits closest to the engine. Mounting Bracket for instrumentation is located on this module. 

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Custom Toon-Trac Mounting System

Dimensions vary. 

   The Toon-Trac Mounting System consists of two aluminum extruded J-Channel mounted to the infrastructure of the Pontoon. This makes installation of the Pontoon Modules fast and easy! The J-Channel is cut to your boats dimensions making it a custom hand-made part. 

Nose-Cone Module

Dimension 4'x 25"

     Nose-cone modules are made of High-Density Polyethylene and have lifting strakes for improved performance. Nose-Cone's can also be reversed to serve as a rear-module. 

Center Module

Dimension 4'x 25" or 2'x 25"

    Center modules are made of High-Density Polyethylene. They serve as the Mid-section of the pontoon. The longer your boat is, the more of these you will need.